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See Yang Qiu the facial expression dark come down, graceful each cloth is clear if don't promise, so both parties' affirming will turn over a
face.This makes him have already grown very nerveless felling, become
100 ascend thousand in the last yearses why will the Jew encounter
massacre?Because there is no own nation, there is no a strong powerful
supporter.Is contrary, but Yang Qiu own a Sean Davis Youth Jersey the whole strength of nation to transfer, medium day and medium Su one
after another signing of the peaceful treaty after, make him temporarily
jilt to open mainland burden, completely can with the military advance
Under this circumstance he since still chooses he to cooperate and
explains to really is the special relation that concerns an English
lotus, so the facial expression mollifies down, think want just say:"I
can not immediately promise, this matter has to be careful.But even if
cooperate, I also impossibly and directly note to support southwest Gong
Ye company, have to be registered alone by Senquez Golson Youth Jersey your friend, but I will register another company in England, then both
parties join from partnership to go to Borneo or other places by the
name that matches a camp each other and invest you to think that the
mineral that buy a bottom hides.But I want to say clearly, any political
dispute we can't participate in, and you will never can get into Su
door answer La island with west of the Indian Ocean region look for a
mineral to hide!"
Very big turn!Yang Qiu cross-examines 1:"What about that Australia?"
Since opened mouth, Shamarko Thomas Youth Jersey graceful each cloth was also simply to keep saying:"Nan-ao and west Ao
we can't go, north the Ao is more desolate, if you can find out the
mineral stone of demand, I can arrange somehow."
Yang Qiu knows he or don't trust oneself, but this didn't relate to,
most of is acquire Holland acknowledgement into Borneo to make
petroleum.And Borneo is just square one, real of the target is Su door
to answer rice Na Si oil-field in La island, this oil-field is located
in Ma Liu Jia's straits and develops really very sensitive, so must use
Jew, this outer shell to guard a gate to knock to open, even if after
the event graceful each cloth they regret to choose to withdraw, Holland
government can still be strong line of to dare to walk oneself is not?
As for Australia, Shaun Suisham Youth Jersey have the north the space Lu of the Ao an island have already coulded
not smile especially.So Yang Qiu orders to him and no longer says a
joint venture affair and turn round to walk toward the students who wait
for for a long time to, certainly still especially the idea sent
greetings since then Judean national defense of far way to living.
Attendance combines to encourage to the student some kind of after,
Yang Qiu returns to stay a hotel, Ma Kui who waits for news here knows
graceful each cloth already first step after promising, also loosen
tone.These several years he withdraws military rank and file to change
profession to go into business, in fact is what Yang Qiu suggests,
certainly also have him the viewpoint that doesn't want to mix soldier
boundary.However although helpful, if have no his effort also impossible
five continents the deep-sea shipping company conduct so good.


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