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Doing not wait a guard report is over, two deliver 60 millimeters of trench mortar shells accurate fall at the command post neighborhood,
fireball and nitric smoke frighten radicle Luo the man is more nervous, Rob Ninkovich Youth Jersey hurriedly just withdraw to the river bank under the soldier's
The comfortable rice second Ci radicle pours to return to calculate
cool-headed, at least he early expects Chinese national defense soldier
to easily pass Ya Ku Ci the gram is this base, so early and early built a
lot of bunker works.Pass through at the beginning nervous after, the
all directions rushes through back of around ten thousand visit a shot
brigade of the soldier get into bunker Ryan Allen Youth Jersey and works in succession.
"4 squads go to the left side!Don't make them enter Lin Zi."
"Boy!You take us to go to river bank."
Hao text treasure a Ye rise a tiger head, let him lead the way
twists about toward the river bank.The hunter big brigade isn't a
regular army, face around ten thousand enemies to want to kill three
enter 3 isn't realistic, his military tactics is to let the troops
always be placed in a woods edge, a little Russia far east the first
teacher compress to the river bank.
"Not much, their persons goes to and finds out them!"The He Ba Er
Tuo of Su sees arrive always only machine gun voice, the shell is
Mongolia more sparse to pull, start to strengthen Dan to take several
hundred the soldier search to the woods edge but go.The tiger head
recognizes this guy, at the beginning is that he leads troops the first
to kill into Chinese camp, so the personal enemy meets a Sebastian Vollmer Youth Jersey cent the outside is jealous, two arrowses tread to the other party
The Hao text treasure sees the form denouncing openly and hurriedly
directing squad to cover him.
Two stand the thermodynamic power net that the HJ21 machine gun
constitutes to press Mongolia a soldier not to dare to lift up head,
tiger head not the Kui is the old soldier who beat for six years, the
left Shan is right the gun avoiding to make use of machine's covering
very quickly and arriving Mongolia before a soldier isn't far, then a
roll a body to close to dying of Mongolia soldier, the hand grenade
starting to copy them hits to the He Ba Tuo Er of Su.
The explosion that Shea McClellin Youth Jersey bombs Long Long frightens Su once the He whole body of Ba Er Tuo arouse
to work properly and hurriedly seek a place to hide.See personal enemy
to get into a soldier protection turn, the tiger head more adds get
excited, is just wanting to change a life by life strong line of break
through to blockade line, Mongolia soldier behind but abrupt however
blast open one round and round intensive fireball.Is close behind, the
motor voice of Long Long rings out from the course of river.The 3 sea
gull classes speed boat takes river downstream from the Lei urgently
blunt but up, mean 40 millimeters of organization cannon of acting the
gearing to aim at the littoral Red Army battlefield fieriness
bombardment especially, more than ten machine sailboat heel at they
behind, become 100 up thousand of 16 trip soldier follow river shore
debarkation, launch to always offend toward the Ya Ku Ci gram.


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