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Let Wu Pei Fu exaltation vigilance, grounds, such as Urumqi and database Lun...etc. of can make an effort quantity all last front line, will not
be drilled empty son by the somebody else."
"The troops has Chris Hatcher Authentic Jersey been already set out."Sung son is pure to finish saying, suddenly think
of a matter to ask a way:"To, you is how does an eye recognize a cloth
Liu He Er?"
Once Yang Qiu's step stop and twisted a head to smile:"If I told
you, I once saw his photograph, your letter?"
The Sung son pure affirmation ground shakes.To Russian intelligence
report network just just started building up, Stalin, gave the promise
Ci radicle these people's photograph can also get hold of, but the cloth
just grows in the this kind of civil war of Liu He Er, often the year
east rushes the military officer that the west walks, the intelligence
report section also only has a simple Chris Taylor Authentic Jersey description just up to now.Being unique may be Yang Qiu to still have
another unknown intelligence report organization.
Sung son is pure to be thinking whether Yang Qiu still has a set of
intelligence report system, cloth Liu He Er but suddenly discover, the
translation being sent back sees his look in the eyes always very
strange.But he didn't notice these and all said 1 time towards adding to
pull rare the whole affairs after going home.The so important affair
adds to pull rare don't dare to make decision, all through the night
send telegram to the Moscow, after he finished delivering telegram soon,
that translation also give°ed another telegram Tong contract card.
And Sung son Be pure Clayton Kershaw Authentic Jersey to say similarly, the conversation between Cai E and cloth Liu He Er
arouses row rather of height value, think that this is the good
opportunity that ends civil war, so immediately hand in a political
bureau request to all through the night discuss.
The Moscow of one mentally dense is immediately more confusion,
proceed from drawing together opposition faction to add rice Nie to wait
a person, Stalin determinedly advocates to deny official gazette in
Shanghai and thinks that China isn't enough in the northwest troops,
wait Fu Long Zhi main force assemble Turkey Si Tan soldier after
completely can go deep into to make track for shot.But give promise Ci
the radicle is resolute to oppose, think far east of the situation is
different from Europe, too faraway to Moscow, so should solve civil war
first, after gradually resuming national order, after having the nation
constucted again consider recovering national territory, not take a risk
now a fight.
Face to argue row Cody Bellinger Authentic Jersey rather and more add be worried that his/her own clay-cold inner part
will split up, besides it has been four years since civil war beat, the
local economic condition is all more rigorous, appear a big famine
everywhere, every day have millions common people is departing from this
life.Facing has to decide in five days of situation, finally his
resolute support gives a promise Ci radicle and wire back to request
that the negotiation being rare to immediately complete all territories
adding to pull.
These are nervous but busy five days.
Within these five days, landscape and political structure and form
of far east region gradually model, those Siberia is dream, the person
of conviction and national combat can not even know, their destinies
have already been settled a space the gradually thick contract item is
at the pen and ink up!


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